Message from the President


For this Club born in the city of Lisbon, our beloved and inspiring capital, we have chosen the name of International Club of Portugal. In the past, names used to mean a phrase or a descriptive concept of the desired personality or, in fact, acquired by the person who possessed it. Sometimes they even identified a physical detail distinctive to that person. Take for instance the example of Claudius, the roman emperor. On one hand, Claudius meant a limp, a physical feature which he really possessed, on the other hand he had also been given the name of Augustus which means “Magestic”, this being actually the name usually given to the roman emperors, which was also used as a title. So does the name of our International Club of Portugalreflect its main objective: to gather diversity, to generate creativity from different people, institutions, countries and continents.

The inner, inherent, underlying, invisible Spirit is manifested in well visible, external actions, which are expressed through a firm belief that, given the fact that we don’t have a fixed nationality, or an inherited or selected creed, or a social class when we assume the role of hosts, we will be greater. Greater, not in the competitive sense, but in the sense of amplitude, of will and of presence.

Our Headquarters is the World. The World? But… isn’t it Lisbon? Portugal? Yes, it is Portugal, that’s true. But we will have the audacity to take Portugal out of Europe, to the rest of the world, and to take it, with all the honors it deserves, in a mega-tour around the World, throughout continents, cultures, people.