Charter of Principles

Portugal is a country with a long tradition as a meeting point for various cultures and those who have witnessed historic events. European in its geography and cultural roots, it was always an open door onto the rest of the world. People from other continents arrived here and left their marks, marks which were absorbed into the physical aspects of the country and its character. From its shores curious explorers set sail in search of fresh challenges and the unknown, opening up routes that linked up the rest of the world, which up until then had lived in fragmented isolation. Over time journeys, hopes, languages and ideas crossed paths here, creating a melting pot of humanity that was and is as diverse as it is multifaceted.

Since we believe that diversity provides a rich and fertile ground for ideas and philosophies, the International Club of Portugal was founded with the goal of creating a platform for communicating and sharing information, experiences, interests and ideals, equally for those who live here as for those passing through Lisbon or Portugal. It is in this world of differences and divergent opinions that the International Club of Portugal vive e desenvolve as suas actividades, recusando espartilhos ideológicos, políticos, religiosos ou outros, mas aceitando que a diversidade de ideias e de experiências são parte fundamental do edifício humano e, como tal, devem ser assumidas, compreendidas e acolhidas, independentemente da sua orientação.

Based on a respect for human dignity and in the fundamental values that are associated with that, the International Club of Portugal believes that diversity, as a key characteristic of humanity, should be a reason to bring together different people on life's path, showing them a sense of equality and dignity.

So, because we also believe that principles are valued for the acts that inspire them, we're committed to:

I. It being a place where foreign and Portuguese citizens can mingle and establish personal and professional relationships, encouraging integration and strengthening the social network;

II. Fostering and developing the cosmopolitan and global spirit of modern societies;

III. Arguing that economic, technological and scientific developments should serve people and as such should go hand in hand with the development of principles in a just, peaceful and sustainable society;

IV. Studying and interpreting the way society works in all of its aspects and take upon itself the position of a guiding force in building an open society with the potential for progress;

V. Maintaining a critical and constructive analysis based on the principle of the common good;

VI. Creating and developing a network of partnerships with entities with shared philosophies and goals;

VII. Giving a voice to and recognising those that stand out for their spirit of humanism, a quality that characterises this association;

VIII. Disseminating the importance of the right to an education, knowledge and information, vital in a free, enlightened and active society;

IX. Implementing and supporting projects of a social nature in terns of training, interaction and citizenship;

X. Promoting active citizenship, social responsibility, social welfare and justice as fundamental pillars of society.

Lisbon, March 31st, 2007

International Club Of Portugal

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